Friday, January 17, 2014

Welcome to SARA SPEAKS

Welcome to SARA SPEAKS

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I'm a naturally quiet person who married into a naturally talkative family. It's a running joke with them that when I want to speak up and jump into the conversation, my husband has to help me out by waving his arms, pounding on the dinner table and announcing, "Hey everyone, Sara has something to say!" The lively bunch quiets down just long enough to hear me say something profound like that the pot roast is really tasty or could someone please pass the potatoes.

Truth is, for most of my life I've been just as happy to be the listener as the speaker. But, despite my best efforts to fade into the woodwork, in recent years I have felt the gentle but deliberate prodding of the Lord to speak up more and more. There are things contained in my heart that have been bubbling up to the surface with such joy that I am unable to hold back any longer. Indeed, sometimes it feels as if God Himself is encouraging me, saying, "Hey everyone, Sara has something to say!" As a result, over the last few years I have developed a love of public speaking and now seek out as many opportunities for teaching and preaching that I can.

Now, I am working on speaking up through my writing.

So here goes.

Through this blog, I will be speaking up every week. It is intended to be a platform - a place to share my thoughts and insights, dreams and plans. I am seeking to further my career as a speaker and writer, so I will use this site as a place to keep you updated on my speaking schedule and the progress of the book I am currently working on.

But more than that, this little screen is intended to be an altar. Every week, I hope to bring glory to God by being obedient to "put myself out there" and communicate those things contained in my heart. As I place my words on the altar of this page, they will be an offering, a sacrifice of love and worship to the One for whom I was created.

I am passionate about prayer and spending time with God, so you will find that much of what I write will be about finding intimacy with Jesus and discovering our purpose through a living, breathing relationship with Him. I am also passionate about spiritual renewal and reformation in the church and will write much about that as well.

My hope is that God will take my words and encourage you to go deeper with Him, igniting a bonfire in your soul so that you may burn brighter and feel more alive than you have ever known.

Welcome to SARA SPEAKS.

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  1. Enjoyed your first post, Sara. Looking forward to reading your blog. Your closing prayer reminds me of a song by a band called United Pursuit called "Set a fire." Here is a link if you are want to listen!